VBA Source Code

VBA Source Code
This add-in has been the result of years of upgrading myself from whatever Word’s Macro Recorder generated, up to a full-blown Word add-in. The add-in has been tested in Word 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and Word 2016. It is currently developed using Word 2016.

Current source code version = v2.2 *Final*

Download Source Code

Click here to download the full source code package to v2.2 *final* of my Word Toolbox.

As I’m self-taught in VBA, coding this add-in has helped me to gain more knowledge of the inner-workings of Microsoft Word and how I can help others to quickly fix annoyances in your Word documents.

The source code is, in places, quite messy.  Over the last 20 months that I’ve been developing this add-in, I’ve been applying some neatness and optimisation to the code as and where I can. I’ve put *plenty* of comments in the code. Alongside the (approximately) 4900 lines of code, there’s around 1000 comments.

The source code contains my (non-work) email address. I welcome contact from anyone who can help me improve (*) the functions, speed and general usefulness of this add-in. Alternatively, use the LinkedIn button on the About box to contact me via LinkedIn.

Due to the knowledge that I’ve picked up whilst developing this add-in, I’ve been able to develop smaller add-ins for Excel and PowerPoint.

Previous Experiences (8-bit and 16-bit)
My previous experiences in BASIC programming have included the (good old) ZX Spectrum BASIC and GFA BASIC on the Atari ST. A full list of the products, demos and game hacks that I developed on the Atari ST can be found via the DemoZoo website.

I still own a ZX Spectrum with the SD-card add-on DivMMC Enjoy! I also still have my Atari MegaSTE running an UltraSatan hard-drive which also uses SD cards. I like mixing the old retro machines with the modern add-ons 🙂

For those who *really* want a life-story, the above and much more can be found at my other website.