RoboHelp Map ID to CSV Convertor

This was a function that used to live inside my main toolbox, but was removed when the job I was doing that needed RoboHelp Map ID reports died a death. And then was resurrected 18 months later.

So I took the old deprecated code, moved it into a fresh Word add-in and added a few extra features to it.

How I use it
The team who develop the software (in VB6) send me a copy of their Helptext IDs.

I import their file into a sheet in Excel and then import my RoboHelp exported data onto another one. I compare the two items in Excel with the help of some VLOOKUP commands and this enables me to work out what’s newly added in the code, but I’ve yet to create the relevant helptext for it.

I can also use Excel’s duplicate hunting option to check if the coders have assigned the same Helptext ID entries to two (or more) items.

You just open up your RoboHelp Map ID report, click the Convert button and a CSV file of the data is created in the same location as the RoboHelp Map ID Report. It really is that simple.

The .ZIP file below contains an example report created using RoboHelp so that you can test it out before using it on your own Map ID reports.

RoboHelp Map ID to CSV Convertor