The file you get from the Download area is a .ZIP archive. This is a compressed distribution file which contains the two files that you need to copy across to your system in order for Microsoft Word to recognise and use Mike’s Toolbox.

There is a third file which is labelled with the current version number. It’s just there as a reminder and can be ignored for this process.

Installation steps

Note: Before copying the files, you need to close any current copies of Word that you have open.

The two files (MikesToolbox.docm and Mike’s Document Toolbox Manual.pdf) both need to be copied into a folder which is located within a specific area under Windows known as the Roaming folders area.

Windows uses the Roaming folder for application specific data, such as custom dictionaries, which are machine independent and should roam with the user profile. Microsoft Word one of those many applications.

Within the Microsoft Word folder, there should be a sub-folder called STARTUP. The two files mentioned above need to need to be copied into this sub-folder for the Toolbox to work.

Locating the STARTUP folder

The STARTUP folder is found by clicking Start, then Run (or alternatively pressing the Windows key and R at the same time).

You then need to type in the following: %AppData%\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP\ and click on OK. Or just copy and paste my example above into the Run box.

Click on OK, or press Enter, and Windows Explorer will locate this folder for you on your system and display it.


Once the folder appears on your Windows desktop, copy the two files (MikesToolbox.docm and Mike’s Document Toolbox Manual.pdf) above into that folder.

Note: If you cannot find a STARTUP folder, the manual covers a quick fix that you can do from within Word to create one.

Running the Toolbox

When you next launch Word, you will see a new menu item called Toolkit. You can launch the manual from within the toolkit.

By default the Export Mode is off. This means that a lot of message boxes will appear telling you what’s going to happen next when you use a function. If you get irked by these, you can switch on Expert Mode in the Configuration option.