Helpdesk Area

This page will be used for any problems I think you might encounter during the installation and/or running of this Toolbox.

Updating an existing installation of the toolbox and manual

Copy the new version of the .DOTM file and .PDF file over the top of the existing ones in %AppData%\Microsoft\Word\Startup.

Big documents can choke the add-in

A colleague exported one of our company’s large manuals (originally created in PDF form using FrameMaker).  This was 2000+ pages in length and had just over 3.1m characters!

If you come across a slow down when using the Toolbox functions and/or you get fed up of watching the ‘Please Wait’ form from appearing and slowly filling up the green bar, can I suggest that you break down larger documents into separate sections?

Trello support board for beta-testers

I’ve had one set up for a while now, mainly because Trello was used a lot where I used to work (in my last permanent role). So setting up a separate board solely for the use of beta-testers was a necessity.

If you haven’t got a Trello ID, then click here to create one.  Then join this Trello board: