Excel Toolbox

This is something I started writing when I was working for CDL and took with me to my first contract. However, the rules there stated that anything developed there by anyone (permies or contractors) became the property of that department.

So I had to start all over again (near enough) and re-create the routines. Luckily I had kept notes of the new functions I was adding, so whilst a lot have been re-created, they might not be an exact match (phew!) to the ones I left behind.

I also left behind a huge guide on how to write Excel macros. That’s now lost in the mists of time as I won’t be going back to that place; mainly due to them moving to an Inside IR35 basis and the amount it was costing me to commute down and live there each week.

The whole suite of macros are under the download link below. You can import the whole suite into your current project or just pick and choose the ones you need.

Download the library of functions

<More info coming soon – including a large table listing all the subroutines and functions that are included!>