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Click here to download the latest (and final!) version of my Word Toolbox (v2.2 *Final*). It was released on May 15th 2018.

I know it’s been a while since there was an update, but my first major contract (2 years) had rules that stipulated that anything I coded whilst I there remained their property. There was no way that I was handing out my toolbox to someone else 🙂


If you think that my Word Toolbox, or the source code that I give away, are worthy, then all donations are welcome.

Click the PayPal.Me link below and let me know where in the world you are. I will add your name to a separate “Thank You / Testimonials” page in due course.

Many thanks!

Other downloads

Below are some useful bits and bobs that I find online and use during my development of my Word Toolbox.

VBA Decompiler

VBADecompiler – updated 21st March 2022

The homepage is here:


Directory Listing -> Word, Excel or clipboard

Note: This is the ancient freeware version from 2010 that doesn’t need any extra DLLs or such like. I use it a lot when trying to tidy up my various hard-drives and their contents.

Directory List & Printer

However, if you want to purchase the latest (with lots more options) then head onto the Infonautics website.



Every image, screenshot, icon and anything else I could throw this art package at, it’s never failed me.

Visit the Paint.Net website.

Here are some of the plugins / filetypes that I use with my copy of Paint.Net.

Download the plugins