Template Files

Add the Word template files that you regularly use and you can force them to be applied to any document you open in the Toolbox.

Company Name

Your company name – or whatever you want up to 20 characters – can be entered here and it is used in the Fix Footer function.

Default language

Select the default language that will be used by the Fix Language function. UK & US English are in here among 36 languages in total.

Note: This doesn’t force the dictionary to recognise these words, as that’s up to you and your Word configuration.

Turn Off Track Changes

Switching this on will ensure that Track Changes is switched off before any of my code makes changes to a document with TC on. This prevents your document from increasing the number of changes recorded. However, if you want to be able to see all of the changes, switch this option off!

Expert Mode

If the constant message boxes annoy you, then switch on Expert Mode and they won’t appear.

Reset configuration settings

If you want to remove all the current settings for the Toolbox, then use this function. The standard default options will be set up afterwards so that you can change them as you see fit.