It’s getting there (Document Overview Report)

Progress I’ve added in Images, Shapes and Custom Styles into the report generator. So it’s coming along. However, it’s not without any difficulties due to the way Word VBA handles the insertion of a new table. I’m still getting used to the way that it works, for example: Normally, you find the table in your […]

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New beta available (v2.1f)

I’ve finally released a beta version of the Toolbox now that the Report Overview function exports into proper tables. The full suite of reporting options aren’t in there as I’ve got to add Custom Styles, various language detection, template names and both types of image: inline and shapes. But it gives you an idea of […]

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Another update on the Document Review function

It’s coming along nicely. Albeit with a lot of grey hairs being added to the head (and beard) as I split the functions apart from the listboxes into arrays. This morning I finished moving the Fields code out of the form and into the new ‘MainLoops’ module and it, like the others before it, now […]

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Site updated ready for v2.0’s release!

I’ve updated most of the pages with the latest screenshots. I had to install yet another WordPress plugin as, annoyingly, if you want to replace an existing screenshot you have to upload a fresh one, delete the old one then rename the new one and then it should (!) appear on the page. Or you […]

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Work started on the new beta

And it’s already up to v1.90e due to the work that I’ve been doing. So what’s been added/altered recently? a) I added an Index to my manual. This was going great until I tried to use my own Field Inspector tool to list the fields and the presence of the index caused it to crash. […]

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Updated version of my Word add-in (v1.89)

It’s been a few months since the release of v1.87, but after several incarnations of the beta (v1.88), I can now announce the availability of v1.89. There have been *lots* of changes: either to existing features, or adding new features. I’ve also fixed some really embarrassing bug fixes and, as a visitor to this blog, […]

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