Latest ISTC article: VBA arrays

This time it’s a 2-parter covering the use of arrays in VBA. A necessary “evil” to learn if you want to improve the use of data storage and user forms in your own Word applications.

The follow-up article will appear in the next issue of the Communicator magazine. It will take the arrays knowledge up to the next level and show you the joys of using list boxes in your user forms.

It’s also my first article with my new ‘Fellow’ status at the end. I’m still feeling chuffed at this :)

The article can be found in the usual place.

6 months in!

Confluence, a bit of Excel VBA, and more Confluence

I’ve now been in the same contract role for a smidgen over 6 months now. Still loving the job but also still finding out how to do ‘stuff’ that this place develops.

Once I understand that, I then have to write about it in an easy-to-read format on the relevant Confluence page(s).

Being the “go to guy” for Microsoft Office (mostly Excel, sometimes Word/PowerPoint), keeps me ticking over.

Confluence work

Along with the documentation of the tools that are developed here, I’ve also requested my own personal Confluence space for all of my musings, hints and tips and tutorials.

Within this space, I’ve created several tutorial sections which are continually being expanded upon.

Currently there are guides on:

a) Programming Excel (21 x Beginner’s level and 9 x Advanced level pages).

b) An Excel Code Library (44 x routines useful to anyone who wants to start developing their own Excel VBA-based projects)

c) A selection of pages (approximately 27 .. so far) on how to use ActivePresenter for the testers, developers and those doing demos of the various tools in use.

d) Various other “one off” pages covering hints and tips on various Microsoft Office packages and, naturally, a few pages “accidentally” pimp my Word Toolbox as a solution :)

Only “a page”?

As anyone who uses Confluence is aware, a “page” isn’t just a single sheet of A4. It’s the whole page of information that I’ve written, some being quite a *lot* longer than others.

The downside

I cannot share any of the above outside of the workplace. Those are the rules, so c’est la vie.

What else has been going on?

Dark mornings and nights

The current dark mornings and nights mean that I’ve had to “upgrade” my attire to include: a torch, a headlamp, a hi-vis over-jacket (to prevent me getting run over when I do make it onto the road near work) and a decent hat to keep me warm.

Due to the clay-like mud in the fields, especially after rain, there’s a lot of slipping and sliding. So, along with the above extras, I’ve also bought one of those bristle-type brushes to help me remove the dried up mud that sticks to my boots and trousers each day. It saves me from a few of the “evil stares” from the cleaner!

I still look forward to the last day of each week as the farmer (or his wife) give me a lift into work with the suitcase. Dragging that through the muddy fields would be nigh on impossible. That and it’s (generally) a half-day and I can head back home.

Xmas / New Year

Due to the rules in place, the contractors aren’t allowed anywhere on site during the Xmas or the following New Year weeks.

If (and only if) I can come up with a business case, then I might be able to come back for the 3 days after New Year.

But I can’t, so that’s 2 weeks (unpaid) off. The one downside to being self-employed.

To turn this into a positive, I’m taking the other half around a few places in Europe that she’s not been to during that Xmas week :)

And finally ..

I finally got around to filling in my bio for my membership of The British Beard Club.

I need to find and add more photos, as the only one up there is a selfie taken on Milton Keynes Central station one day as I was heading back oop North!