Post-TCUK memories

After waiting three years between visits, last week’s TCUK was a well worth it.

When you’re self-employed, all of these kinds of events need paying for by your company (aka ‘you’) so you have to ensure that it’s worth the outlay. And it certainly was.

Almost all of the courses were still available from my initial picklist, which made attending them easier. Only one I missed because I was running late and it was full to the brim, so I took that as a nice break instead.

I’ve now got to sit down and review each of them via the QR code in the event guide, but as that’s at home, I can’t do that right now.

The other benefit of these events is that, as planned, I got to meet up with faces old and new. It was good to catch up with the ISTC staff as well as other technical authors (and fellow introverts!) at the event.

I had a good chinwag with people from around the world, including one guy from Australia (Hi! Dave!) who was visiting the event as part of a ‘European tour’ that he and his wife were doing. We both ended up being bar-propper-uppers on the Tuesday night. To say we (probably) finished off the hotel’s supply of Hobgoblin Gold would be near enough correct 🙂

The only downside was the hotel’s lack of any form of mobile coverage (calls, texts or 3G/4G signal) and the WiFI wasn’t great on my phone either. It worked on the Tuesday, but then refused to connect at all after that. Thankfully, it worked fine on the laptop and I was able to join in with the few courses that required a working machine.

All in all, I’ll be at the next one 🙂

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