A minor Oops!


Last month I released what I thought was v2.2 of my Toolbox on the 15th May. But it wasn’t until yesterday – whilst demoing the power of the Toolbox at my new workplace – that I realised that the download on the site contained an older version of the Toolbox! However, the manual included was for v2.2. Guess who was asleep at the wheel last month!

I have now rectified the download and it definitely contains v2.2 of the Toolbox.

My apologies all!

New download

Whilst in the first 2 weeks of my new role, I have been developing a few “quick fix” Excel add-ins. I went to try and squeeze the final file size down via the excellent VBA Compiler, but whilst the host site is OK, downloads from it are blocked :-(

So, when I got back to the B&B, I used their WiFi to get the latest version of this tool and I have placed it onto the Downloads page too. A handy extra utility for the VBA developers out there.