Waking up after a mini-sleep :)

After being told that I was being made redundant from my previous employer in May 2017, I decided that I needed a nice long break from most things. Especially when I was offered to ‘escape early’ via the gardening leave route from mid-July.

Up until now, a third of the way through October, I’ve done my best to ignore the code and necessary manual updates completely, as well as this website.

I have spent the time instead doing other things, both non-technical and geeky, to pass the time. 

This included helping my other half’s sister to move house, playing and finishing off a few games on my Xbox One, and setting up a new media server. The latter allows me to watch anything from wherever I am via Plex = geeky heaven ;-)

All of these things have, naturally, delayed the release of v2.2 for about 3 months. 

My apologies, but the break was needed!

What’s left do do before I can release v2.2

a) Update the code – there’s still some issues around Word 2010 and detecting the correct version number. My code works fine for Word 2013 & Word 2016, but fails for Word 2010 users.

A VBA contact in Australia has been looking into a solution and more testing will be required before v2.2 can be released. Better to make sure than release a buggy product.

b) Update the manual accordingly. Although there’s not much to do as I won’t be adding any new features at this point. It’s just the Word 2010 problems to solve and document accordingly. But that does include updating every single screenshot in the manual!

Once (a) and (b) are done, then it’s the release-related work.

c) Update this website with the relevant changes to the Toolbox. That requires every screenshot on the site updating. Luckily I can just use the same ones from the manual ;-)

d) Update the Trello board with the current state of play. I can archive jobs that are complete etc.

e) Write up the LinkedIn blurb for the release.

Then ..

f) Double check (c), (d) and (e) and make everything live.

Future website changes

g) Videos of the functions being used (hosted on YouTube) and embedded in the relevant pages. Some of the pages cover multiple functions, so these will require splitting apart.

h) PayPal donations button for those who are feeling generous and their name(s) will appear in the Thank You section of the manual.

i) Testimonials page – if I receive any that is ;-)

j) Site text translations ( main European languages first – will ask for volunteers when I am ready for this, if it ever happens).

I’d best get back into a coding frame of mind .. although there’s also Fallout 4 to play :-)

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