Release Preview of v2.2 available on my Trello board

New version to play with

I have released a preview version of the Toolbox v2.2 for those who want a sneak peak and, if you have the time, find any last minute bugs for me?

The release is hosted on my Trello board for now (link below) as it’s easier to put it on there as well as get bug reports added. You will need to create a Trello ID before being able to join the board, but that’s 100% free and you get to use Trello for your own use too.

If this doesn’t work as a release & feedback routine, then I’ll need to do some rethinking :)

This version will be the final one that’s developed whilst I work at my current employers too. How much I add to it for future versions is going to be up-in-the-air a bit until I get my next role.

Word 2010 woes… again!

There are some known problems with this version when trying to access Comments (in Word 2013), and some of the additional commands added to Footnotes (in Word 2016). These will crash if you’re running my toolbox preview in Word 2010. These errors were spotted by Steven Bohlken of PerformaTech, so full credits to him. He’s also a VBA coder and his website of goodies can be found here.


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