Broken ankle v1.0

Last week (Monday, March 6th) was the last planned day of a long weekend helping out at the other half’s place with some de-cluttering etc.

There were four of us in total, where boxes or bags were packed up, passed down the chain and as I was at the end, it was my job to relocate the box or bag accordingly.

At some point the broken lid of a plastic box was passed to me in order for it to go in the bin on my next trip downstairs. All well and good.

Except for the next trip downstairs involved an extra large bin bag. And me not looking where I was going.

End result, after lunging forward into space, then landing on my right foot, but toppling rightwards even further, is a rather painful broken ankle and some time off work whilst I recover.

Hopefully I can get a lift into work to pick up my laptop as that has the latest code on it. When the pain threshold allows, do my work-related stuff that I have missed in the last week, plus try and work out how far I had got with the code.

Thankfully I have enough reminders on my Trello board as to how far I had got :-)