It’s getting there (Document Overview Report)


I’ve added in Images, Shapes and Custom Styles into the report generator. So it’s coming along.

However, it’s not without any difficulties due to the way Word VBA handles the insertion of a new table. I’m still getting used to the way that it works, for example:

Normally, you find the table in your document and then edit the cells, change the formatting or whatever else you want to do afterwards.

However, when you’ve inserted a new table into a separate document (besides the to-ing and fro-ing between the two documents), you have to insert the table, then loop around and add the cell contents (from the array) and *then* you apply your choice in formatting afterwards. If you do it in any other order, it basically ignores all of your commands. This has been very confusing during the development of the reporting function.

What’s left to do

Looking at my Trello card that lists the work done and the work that I still need to do, there are a few more mini-functions to report on. I also need to tidy up the Which Fonts routine – what appears on-screen and inside the report.

I also need to include an option to skip past certain options (e.g. Fields) in the report if their count is too high, e.g. more than 100 fields. One of my test documents is very TOC-heavy as the field count goes up to 900+ entries. This breaks down to the usual field entries in the footer for page count, current page number and such like. Where it increases to silly amounts is down to the TOC. For each entry it’s one field for the actual section of the document that it’s referring to and another for the hyperlink that jumps to the correct section as well. The totals soon rack up.

I know I’ve said this before in other posts regarding this function, but it’s getting there. Honest!

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