New beta available (v2.1f)

I’ve finally released a beta version of the Toolbox now that the Report Overview function exports into proper tables. The full suite of reporting options aren’t in there as I’ve got to add Custom Styles, various language detection, template names and both types of image: inline and shapes. But it gives you an idea of what the function will be able to do – that is, what you would see in the Toolbox’s GUI, is now dumped out to a Word (or a PDF) document.

My next stage for the website update is to start adding videos showing how the functions work “in real life”, with proper test documents. I attended the Manchester WordPress User Group last night at MadLab for the first time last night and picked up some good hints and tips on image optimisation from one of the speakers (Kayleigh Thorpe from

I also talked to her during the clinic time afterwards about using videos and she gave me some good hints and tips. Whether I use my current YouTube account, or create one specifically just for this website is a decision I’ll make at some point.

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