Document Report/Overview update

Work has been continuing on this new feature. And it’s coming along quite nicely once I’d got past some severe head-scratching bits where I had to liaise with my Australian guru (Ken Endacott) about why code to export to a Word document that worked fine in one of my Excel projects, just wasn’t working as I’d expected it to do in Word. Got there in the end :)

Each function that lives on the ribbon of the Toolbox, there’s an InspectXXX function that works out the details and populates a list box on the respective form. What I have to do is unravel this inspection code from the form, put it into a separate module and then recode it so that the same information is now sent to an array instead. The form’s listbox is then pointed at the array and likewise the report code can also see and extract information from the array.

So far I’ve managed to port across the Comments, Bookmarks and Sections code so that either the form or the report can access them. These were picked as they’re slightly smaller than the others, such as the Image and Shapes code. In total, there’s another 7 or 8 forms and/or functions that need converting. The report can also be exported into a PDF file too.

It’s slow going, but I’m getting there.

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