Site updated ready for v2.0’s release!

I’ve updated most of the pages with the latest screenshots. I had to install yet another WordPress plugin as, annoyingly, if you want to replace an existing screenshot you have to upload a fresh one, delete the old one then rename the new one and then it should (!) appear on the page.

Or you can install the Enable Media Replace plugin which will allow you to upload (one-at-a-time) the replacement images and it does all of the work for you. Which is much easier.

The download and source code pages will be made available tomorrow and there will be the usual links appearing on here, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve almost finished the announcement article on LinkedIn and that will be made live tomorrow too.

This version might not be a massive update, but it’s:

a) smaller due to the optimisation

b) has some bug fixes

c) has a few extra features.

Have fun!

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