New beta (v1.88h) now available

This is just an interim beta release as I’ve fixed a few bits here and there, but I’m still not sure whether I like how the add-in is handling endnotes and footnotes. I’ve added the detection of Whole Document / Selection to the form so that if you only want to amend endnotes/footnotes in a particular area, highlight it first before launching the Endnote/Footnote Inspector tool.

Grab it from the Beta download page and, for those who use endnotes and/or footnotes in your documents, please do your best and test out the functionality with this beta.

In other news, this add-in has to be developed at home and not in work. In fact, it has been for a good 6 weeks or so, but the lack of any real progress shows just how much I prefer relaxing with my Xbox One when I’m at home. Far Cry 4 was recently completed and I’ve just started Mad Max, so I’ve no idea when the next full release of the add-in will appear :)

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