WIP changes

I’ve still not made a start on the GUI for the Fields Inspector as other stuff keeps distracting me.

There are a few changes afoot, but as of yet, nothing major enough to send out a new beta version.

  1. Current ‘Protected’ status of document. Almost all of the functions would check the protection status and abort if the document was protected, but I forgot to include the main Toolbox form. When I added the code into the Toolbox form, I then realised it was pointless including it as a status. So this has been removed and instead I’ve replaced it with the current status of Track Changes. This is linked to the next change.
  2. Store/Restore Track Changes. This will appear on the tweaked Configuration form and will allow users to store the current Track Changes setting for the open document, switch them off, do the fixes and then restore Track Changes on (if it was on beforehand).

Why? Anyone who works with documents which has Track Changes switched on probably doesn’t need every single tweak that the toolbox functions apply being stored. For the majority of users, the default option of it being switched on will prevent a lot of extra changes being stored.

If you do need this, i.e. to show where you’ve had to fix someone else’s work, then you will be able to have this option switched off.

Other mooted changes are:

  1. Removal of the RoboHelp fix – it’s been over a year since I personally have had to use this feature. To me this shows that it could do with being removed from the main toolbar and/or the toolkit altogether.
  2. Removal of the drop-down on the Configuration form. This is a throwback to when the Document Properties Reporter was part of the Toolbox. Currently the drop-down only has one entry – for Templates – and that is just a waste of a drop-down. I can’t forsee any extra configurations that will need the listbox underneath, so it’s possible that I’ll just remove the drop-down box and rename the list box. I’ve asked my colleagues for feedback on this change.

There might be other tweaks forthcoming, but as soon as my mind comes up with them, I’ll put them onto this blog page.

Lots of changes (and a new beta release v1.86g)

Due to a busy period in work updating Axure prototypes, I’ve not had much time to get anything major added to the last few beta versions, so instead of drip-feeding you minor updates, I’ve jumped from v1.86d to v1.86g.

What’s new? Well, lots of things, so here’s the text from the WIP manual, with images (where applicable) added in to make it easier to visualise the changes.

  • Added a check to the Insert Landscape that ensures you’re on a portrait-orientated page when clicking the button. If on a landscape-orientated page, an error message will appear. No idea why I didn’t put this into a much earlier version of the code, but it’s in there now!


  • Added spin buttons for Comments on the form. You can also jump to any comment in the document, by entering its number into the yellow box. I’ve also changed the ‘Delete All Comments’ into an icon-based button to create the space for the spin buttons that have been added.


  • I’ve also added spin buttons onto the Bookmarks form as well. As with the Comments spin buttons, you can jump to any bookmark in the document, by entering its number into the yellow box.


  • Added four buttons to the Section Break form in the Toolbox to enable you to toggle all breaks, or three particular types, in the list of section breaks. This enables the bulk altering of particular section break types.


  • You can now unlock any locked styles on the Styles form in the Toolbox. Add a ‘Select locked’ checkbox too to make selection easier if you want to bulk unlock all style.


  • Removed the ‘Delete all tables’ functionality from the Back To Basics form and put it onto the Table Inspector form instead. You can now select an individual table, or multiple tables, and then delete them.


I’ve also added a ‘Convert Table(s) To Text” function to the Table Inspector form. You can now break a table down into the text parts and separate the columns via a choice of four (so Grab v1.86g from the usual link and have a play.