Back To Basics – The Before and After diet!

Today I’ve mostly been putting the Back To Basics GUI on a strict diet!

Due to the new Image/Shape Browser, a lot of the item removal options within Back To Basics are now duplicated functionality, so I’ve been removing them. This has resulted in the Section Breaks, Page Breaks and Column Breaks options being removed. Also for the chop are all of the functions linked to Inline Shapes and Shapes.

There was a limited amount of Inline Shapes/Shapes included, whereas the Image/Shape Browser covers all the possible types that I’m aware of.

So this is the last screenshot on this blog of the old Back to Basics GUI ..


… and here is the slimmed down version of it. Only the functions that aren’t included anywhere else in the toolbox remain.


All in all, it’s a good bit of work for today. The toolkit as a whole is now approximately 15K smaller than it was in the previous beta (v1.84o).

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