More additions to the Image/Shape Browser

I’ve made some improvements to the Image/Shape Browser function yesterday. So this is just a quick post to show what’s been updated.

Both functions will display a lot more information about the relevant types of Inline Shape (aka ‘Image’) or Shapes that are inside your document. I.e. Linked Images will display the full path of the filename that the item is pointing to.

Both functions offer the same type of fixes available to any image or shape within your document. You can select individual items, or use the Select All check box to include everything.

Delete – select the item(s) from the list and click the Delete button to remove them from the document.

Break Links – this function only applies to linked images, linked shapes or linked OLE objects. Select them from the list and click the Break Links button. Each object will have the link removed from them and you will be left with just the icon showing (if that’s how you displayed the linked item) or <insert description here>.

Convert – this function will convert between inline and floating images or shapes. In Word terms, if an image is rigid with the text, it’s an inline shape. If it can hover above the text, then it’s a floating image, aka a shape. This function will only work with graphical items and will convert from one type to the other. Select the images you want to convert and then click the Convert button.

Resize – this function will resize all the selected items. Select the items you want to resize, then choose a percentage option from the drop-down box. Click the Resize button and the selected items will be altered.

(the above is a copy and paste from my manual, so it’s a bit raw at the moment)



These functions will be available in the next beta as and when I upload it to Dropbox.

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