A distraction from the usual VBA code

As long as I’ve been developing macros in Word, I’ve also kept my toes warm by dipping into the odd bit of PowerPoint and Excel macro development.

The last few days have been interesting as there was a request for an Excel-based solution to import a set of data from Trello (exported via a Chrome plugin in Excel format). I then had to rejig the data, remove unwanted columns and split apart others. This then resulted in data that barely looked like the original data, but that was on purpose :)

The final stage was to loop through the ~250 Trello cards (in their slimmed down format) and export each bit of data into a Word document. That would have been fairly simple, but the difficulty was increased by the requirement for certain cells to act as headings, whilst ensuring everything else was in a normal font.

I got there in the end, with a few false starts here and there. It’s another ‘feather in the cap’ and I’ve learned more aspects of VBA.

I can now go back to tweaking v1.84j so that it’s ready, all being well, for the release of v1.85 before the end of the year.

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