New beta available for testing (v1.84i)

Here’s something that I’ve not done before – handing out a public beta of the toolkit before the final version is available.

I’ve added quite a lot of new stuff and I’d like some feedback, so grab it from the link below and copy it over the top of your existing v1.83.

You will need to update your configuration but only if you want to use / detect multiple languages in your Word documents.

Recent fixes (apart from the multiple languages previously mentioned) are:

  1. Fixing another Office 2010 annoyance where the conditional code check had disappeared for some reason. It’s back in there now.
  2. Fixing a problem in the Fix Fields routine where it didn’t recognise Index Entries as a separate type of field. I had assumed that this type of field had a ‘Result’ parameter – but it didn’t and it broke the routine. This was found in a test document sent to me by David Green and had been generated by MadCap Flare.


Download the latest beta (v1.84i).

Trello board

My Trello board is the best place to raise any bugs and request features.

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