TCUK Conference

Having a good time at the TCUK 2015 conference. Attended a lot of interesting talks.

Yesterday I learned lots of stuff about using WordPress *properly* and developing simple Android apps using ViziApps.

Today has been good too: talks covered a wide range of methods for embedded help, gender balance within our ‘tech comms’ industry (inc. the myriad of job titles) and an excellent keynote speech from Neil Perlin regarding the conference’s subject matter of breaking our boundaries.

MadCap Flare are due tomorrow – apparently the stuff for their stall was being held up by UK customs!

Pity it ends tomorrow afternoon as that’s when I start on the train ride back home.

Travelling up to Dalmuir for the TCUK 2015 Conference

This is the third time I’ve tried to write this post. Weebly’s editor lost the entire content twice because I was trying to add a link to the event’s website underneath some text. A standard ‘a href’ if ever there was one.

Ho hum ..

At some point around 11am, I’ll be packing up my work’s laptop and dragging myself and my suitcase up to Dalmuir via Stockport, Manchester, Carlisle and Glasgow. I hope to get to the Beardsmore Hotel before 7pm tonight.

I’m looking forward to meeting other technical authors, listening to some good talks and handing out special edition betas of my toolbox to attendees. My employers have given me approx. 30 credit-card sized pen drives to distribute it on. so grab ’em while you can. For those that can’t, I’ve got mini notes printed out which contain the links to the files on my Dropbox account (via shortened URLs).

Image/Shape Browser – a quick update

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the Image/Shape Browser, so here’s a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite.

Image Browser:


Shape Browser:


Both items will display all of the various types of the item that exist in your document. The above two example screenshots were taken from different documents – as you can tell by the totals shown in brackets next to each tabbed form.

In the Image Browser, you can select multiple images and either delete or resize them by a percentage.

In the Shape Browser, you can also select multiple shapes and either delete or resize them by a percentage, but you can also convert the graphical shapes into inline images.

The Notes column contains a description of each image/shape’s type plus, if available, some extra information.

More functions will follow …

Work started on the Image/Shape Browser function

It’s been a bit busy in work recently, so I’ve not had a great deal of free time to tinker with the next planned feature of my Word add-in: the Image/Shape Browser.

This will behave like the Table Inspector, but will examine all of the images and shapes that are in your current document, display their properties (height/width plus whatever else I think would be useful) and then there will be (planned) tools to: delete, export, resize and whatever else my mind can conjure up as ‘useful’.

Early days yet, in that it can only display the number of images / shapes found and their dimensions. It’s a start though and more coding will follow when time allows.

At the end of September I will be attending the TCUK conference at a hotel in Dalmuir. If you’re a user of my add-in, and attending TCUK, then come and find me 🙂