Changes are afoot in v1.84

I’ve been working on the toolkit when free time in work allows. This has meant that the following has been developed so far in v1.84:

1) The Document Properties Reporter is now running in a separate add-in. This will be available soon on its own website ( – currently a 404 page whilst I sort out the pages).

2) The tables tab from the Toolbox has now been promoted to the main ribbon. This will enable me to increase the size of the form and add more features. The only one I’ve added so far is the ability to toggle a table’s automatic resize state.

By default, unless you’ve got your own custom table style, Word inserts a table with the automatic resize option switched on. This will rearrange the cells as and when necessary to fit them into the cell space available. This new toggle button will give you the option to switch it off so that the table cells remain static.

3) A few minor bug fixes here and there due to the Configuration options being split between two add-ins. That caused a few grey cells to be zapped as I worked out which ones belonged to which add-in. They will still live in the Mike’s Toolbox registry area though. Seemed daft creating yet another area in the registry for the new add-in.

4) Lots more bulk fixes have been added, including:

  1. a) Single or Double curly quotes can be changed back into bog-standard (boring) apostrophes. This was more of an internal fix for some of Word’s default settings for documents we issue. But if you need to do it to your own documents, you can.
  2. b) Hyphens / En Dashes / Em Dashes. Three new functions (with two sub-functions each) will let you switch between each of the types. The only caveat is that the character you’re replacing needs to have a space either side. This is to prevent the function from mucking up hyphenated words.

That’s it for now. The current beta (v1.84c) is doing the rounds with my colleagues so I daresay I’ll be busy when I get back from my long weekend away.

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