Last week (or so) of beta-testing started for v1.82

I’ve been busy beavering away fixing, improving and generally tidying up my code so that I can release a new version (v1.83) sometime before the end of July. This update will definitely work under Word 2010 – unlike the cock-up I made in v1.81!

Along with the bulk fix changes mentioned in the previous blog post, I’ve also added the same checks of Shapes and Inline Shapes onto the Information tab. It seemed daft to me that the general Information tab contained less information than was included in the Back To Basics function!  This may lead to (yet another) tab which splits the Shapes and Inline Shapes into separate lists and including *all* of the 20-or-so possible types. Currently I’m only detecting 3 types of Shape and 4 types of Inline Shape.

Other minor changes include me removing my attempts at calculating how many hyperlinks were in a document – but splitting them between how many were in a TOC, and how many were genuine hyperlinks for websites etc. I need to revisit this option when I’ve got my head around the calculations required.

There’s probably other fixes that are in the code, but I can’t remember them all 😉

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