New function added to handle Word Bookmarks

Above is the new Bookmarks function that I added yesterday.  As a rule, we rarely (if at all) use bookmarks in our Documentation Team, so that’s why this function is a little late in making an appearance within the add-in.

The function displays all all the current bookmarks. You can then:


a) Hide/Show individual bookmarks, or Hide/Show them all.
b) Remove individual bookmarks, or remove all of them.
c) Toggle a yellow highlight appearing behind the bookmark, or highlight them all.

I need to add a ‘Remove All Highlights’ button to the above WIP version of the GUI and maybe add a drop-down list to allow you to select the colour of the highlight, but there’s no guarantee on that latter function.

Finally, the buttons need lining up before one of my colleagues raises it as a ‘bug’ 🙂

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