A break from Word VBA .. and into Excel for mileage calculation

We have a staff handbook that we look after the updates of in work. Inside it is a large table of clients and the approximate mileages.  However, it needed a bit of an update, so I’ve found some code to automatically extract the mileage between two postcodes and display it in a cell.

So I’ll be knocking up a nice spreadsheet to bring both the raw data (extracted from Dynamics) into the spreadsheet and maybe add a simple GUI which will allow anyone using the spreadsheet to force a refresh of the data.

Makes a change doing some Excel VBA instead of the usual Word VBA 🙂

More tweaks going in v1.78

As part of the overhaul for v1.78, I’ve been converting some of the icons into text-based menu items on the Ribbon.

This will give me a bit more room to add extra features – i.e. for the space of two functions with their icons, I can now fit in 6 new text-based functions.

The current (but not final) menu Ribbon looks like this:


The main functions you’re used to seeing will remain under ‘Quick Fixes’ but the others will be moved to the two (current) text-based menus.

The Back To Basics GUI has also changed due to some investigation on how Word VBA handles ‘Shapes’.  Whether you’ve drawn a pretty shape or you’ve inserted an object, Word VBA sees them both as the same thing.

The current GUI now looks like:


I’ve added the detection of whether you’re planning to run Back To Basics options on the whole document (appears in a red background) or just a selection of your document (background is green).   I’ve split the ‘Remove All Formatting’ function so that it appears underneath.

But as with all things that I do with this toolbox, there’s no guarantee what you see in the image above, is what you’ll get in the final release 🙂

Work started on v1.78: New feature = ‘Back To Basics’

I’ve started work on the next main feature which will be added to v1.78, called ‘Back To Basics’.

This feature will especially be useful to people like myself, technical authors/writers, or those who have the joyous task of ‘fixing’ Word documents.

This is what’s currently on offer (which may be increased before the proper public launch of v1.79):