Comments feature added to v1.76

After getting completely muddled up with Word comments yesterday, I took a fresh look at my code and realised where I was going wrong.  I was trying to be too clever and today I removed the bulk of the routines that dealt with the comments and rewrote it from scratch.

This is the current GUI (subject to change) of a test document I created and asked a colleague to add a comment into it, so it wasn’t just my name on display 🙂


You can see all of the comments in your document, delete them or toggle them between ‘Awaiting’ and ‘Complete’.

Too quick at coding …

The trouble is that I now feel I need to add an extra feature into v1.76 so that the full release (v1.77) will have an extra few more ‘mini features’ to make it feel like a ‘proper’ release.

I’m sure there’s another Word annoyance that I’d like to code a fix for 🙂

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