10 days of no coding whatsoever!

It’s been bliss, if I’m being honest!

However, my break from VBA is over and I’m slowly starting work on the next feature for my Word Add-In.

This time, in a similar vein to the recent bunch of features, I’m going to tackle comments in a Word document.  At first I thought this would be a fairly easy function to add (based on my scribbles on various Post-It Notes!) .. but it hasn’t been as easy as I thought.

The more I read the numerous forums and websites that mentioned comments, the trickier it became and I’ve binned my first GUI layout already.  I can get the list of authors up into one listbox and, when you click on their name, their comments are filtered in the second listbox.  That was working very well .. until I tried to start extracting the extra info that comes with each comment, e.g. the date / time it was made.

That’s when the command ‘Scope’ came into view.  Each comment is given a magic number so that Word knows about it.  This is stored in that particular comment’s ‘Scope’.  The downside is that I now have to re-code the comments listbox so that there are two columns and hide one of them as that will be used to store the ‘Scope’ value.

The theory being that when a user clicks on a comment, I pick up the hidden ‘Scope’ value and that will be the pointer to where Word can find it.

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