GUI alignments and new code added today

My colleague has been very busy yesterday and today logging GUI-related ‘oddities’ on our Trello board.

I’ve fixed quite a few of them but some are not possible to fix without a complete design overhaul, e.g. all of the text boxes are set to ‘Locked’ status so that they are used for display purposes only. However, three of them allow text entry and as soon as a change is detected – typing in a Section Break or a Table number – the GUI moves the user to that position in their document. So as a test I’ve sent out yet another preview (‘h’ so far!) of v1.74 with a small amendment to these fields so that they now have a yellow background. This denotes “yes, you can type in stuff here” and we’ll see how that goes down.

In other news, I’ve overhauled the first screen completely. Lots of new information is displayed. It’s not the final version (as I’m not sure if I like the blue colouring of the frame text ..) and there’s a gap on the right-hand side of the top frame which looks like it could do with some extra bits adding to it.  Or not.


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