New feature coming soon in v1.74

The FixTables was recently overhauled and some extra error-checking was added to the routine, mainly to cover the situations where a non-uniform table was in place.

A non-uniform table for those unaware (like myself, when I couldn’t fathom out why my error checker kept kicking in) is one where it’s not a perfectly formed table. This could mean it’s got a merged cell (horizontal or vertical) or one where just one cell is slightly larger/smaller than all the other cells in the relevant row or column.

So this got me thinking .. how’s about if I use the FixTables code and merge it into a routine similar to the Section Break Inspection tool where you can see all the tables in your document, along with their AutoFit status, if the Heading Row is being repeated and the usual stuff you’d expect such as the number of rows and columns used.

This will also include a few extra functions, along with the original code that formed the FixTables routine. You can apply these fixes to one, some or all of the tables in your document.

Here’s a WIP screenshot of it so far:


Note: As the code has been moved to the Toolbox GUI, the FixTables routine will be removed from the QuickFixes list on the Ribbon too – as it’s pointless appearing twice.

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