Minor code update

I had just about put the wraps on v1.72 and was getting ready to release it on this website .. when a work colleague pointed out an error in the Template detection code.

I dived into the code, printed the particular bit out and poured over it. I couldn’t work out what I had done .. and then I spotted I’d put an apostrophe inside two quote marks.  Instead of

If value = “” Then Do x,y or z.

I’d put

If value=”‘” Then Do x, y or z.

What a daft mistake – no wonder it wasn’t working!  A trip to the opticians is probably overdue.  *Hangs head in shame*

So I’ll postpone the release of v1.72, add some new features from my “To Do” list and hopefully get a release ready before the end of this week as v1.73.

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