Reworking old routines

One of the first options I put into my Document Properties Report function was to extract all the styles that we (as in our Documentation Team) were interested in looking at.  This enabled us to look at a document’s styles and work out what (if anything) we needed to fix.

So I’ve spent the morning replacing a set of really old (and extra long) commands I’d constructed into a much neater subroutine.

Each Heading, TOC or other styles now has a much easier (on the eye) format of: Font Name (Font Size) and then the letters B, I or U following it depending on if Bold, Italic or Underline attributes are present.  Previously it had either a 0 or a -1 for True or False as that’s how you inspect the values under Word VBA.

Not much point sending this version (1.66d) out for testing as it’s just a “ah.. that’s better” release for me only 🙂

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