I’ll call this one a ‘lesson learned’.  Whilst moving some of the code about that was linked to the CSV file reporting, I used a lot of ‘Debug.Print’ commands so that I could see that the output file was showing up as it should.

I spotted an error which would cause every CSV file to be ‘corrupt’ as each single line was being split across two lines.

After some pondering – and adding more Debug.Print commands here and there – I twigged the daft mistake that I had made.

I’d added a carriage return not to a Debug.Print command .. but the command above it! This caused the folder and file name to appear on one line, then all of that document’s properties on the next line.

Ah ..

A fixed version, and a sheepish apology, was sent out rather hurriedly to the TAs who I’d sent the preview of v1.66 to earlier on today.


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