Mee Docs Ltd

My Ltd Co’s logo (designed by me)

In May 2018, I became self-employed as a contract technical author. I needed to set up a company quickly as I was starting a short-term contract in Media City, Manchester.

I knocked up a rough outline of a logo on the back of a post-it note on a train journey back home from my current long-term contract near Milton Keynes. I passed it across to Stuart Josephson who converted the post-it note into the proper looking logo above.

I also didn’t want the hassle of setting up yet another domain, with yet another copy of WordPress, more theme choices, more content and so on. So I used my existing site and added this new page – and any future sub-pages that I haven’t yet thought about needing.

Contract Work Done (& Doing)

This page, and any sub-pages that follow, will follow my career progress as best as I can. Due to some of the work I do, I won’t be able (sometimes) to go into any detail other than a basic location / job role.

Position / DateOverview
Technical Author / Auden / May 2018A 3.5 week contract to help bring a range of documents up to date. They were mostly Word-based documents, along with a few Visio diagrams. Also updated a few pages on Confluence.
Technical Author / June 2018 - March 2021Sole technical author for a government institution. (On-going until March 2021. Contract wasn't renewed due to COVID-19 rules and lack of new work.)

This is my current role and involves a wide-range of skills including: updating/creating Word documents, updating/programming macros for Excel (inc. development of a Code Library for others to use) and updating a large selection of Confluence spaces and pages.

Pro-Bono work undertaken

Pro Bono work undertaken

I've been helping out others for years (and years), but since I launched Mee Docs Ltd, I've decided to keep a record going.
Who forDescription of work undertaken
"Fish & Chip" website
(Can't remember name!)
Suggested a few changes to the creator of the website and ended up reviewing every single page and suggesting fixes.
Atari LegendReviewing all of the interviews / reviews on the website as and when asked.
AppvertiseReviewing all of the text within the app and accompanying website.
ISTC websiteConverting articles from older issues of The Communicator magazine from PDF into WordPress pages.
Breakin' The BordersProofreading of the translated text (originally written in German) for the English versions of all three books.
Woad FarmI was staying here as part of my long-term contract, so I ended up being their unofficial Android app support as well as helping them with their own website queries - initially through the now defunct Web Eden and then moving their site into a WordPress one using SiteGrounds.
TCUK Metro 2020 websiteHelping more with the tech support for WordPress than actual text editing etc.