Mee Docs Ltd

In May 2018, I became self-employed as a contract technical author. I needed to set up a company quickly as I was starting a short-term contract in Media City.

I knocked up a rough ouline of a logo on the back of a post-it note on a train journey back home from my current long-term contract near Milton Keynes. I passed it across to Stuart Josephson who converted the post-it note into the proper looking logo above.

I also didn’t want the hassle of setting up yet another domain, with yet another copy of WordPress, more theme choices, more content and so on. So I used my existing site and added this new page (and any sub-pages).

Contract Work Done (& Doing)

This page, and any sub-pages that follow, will follow my career progress as best as I can. Due to some of the work I do, I won’t be able (sometimes) to go into any detail other than a basic location / job role.

Position / DateOverview
Technical Author / Auden / May 2018A 3.5 week contract to help bring a range of documents (and Visio diagrams) up to date.
Technical Author / June 2018 onwardsSole technical author for a government institution. (On-going)

Pro Bono work

<full list in a nice and neat table / bullet point list to follow>