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Beta version (Use this instead)

As a result of my redundancy at the end of July 2017, I decided to put all work-related projects on-hold whilst I enjoyed some … OK, quite a bit of … time off.

The link below points to the March 2018 “it’s almost there, just a few more tweaks to make sure it’s 100% compatible with Word 2010” version 🙂

Mike’s Document Toolbox v2.2 (Beta)

The only caveat is that there are still a few teething issues: mostly with Word 2010 due to it not recognising commands that are related to functions that were only available under Word 2013 and Word 2016 – and a few other bugettes that I’ve spotted since that need investigating and fixing.

This beta will become the full version of the package at some point in Spring 2018. My apologies for the delay.



If you think that my Word Toolbox, or the source code that I give away, are worthy, then all donations are welcome. Click the PayPal.Me link below and let me know (if you want) where in the world you are. I will add your name to a separate “Thank You” page in due course.

Many thanks!