New full version available (v1.87)

I was hoping to get this version out nearer to my 46th birthday, but c’est la vie. Officially I will release this tomorrow via a LinkedIn post, but for those of you reading this on Twitter, you can grab a copy – a day early 🙂 This version has lots of new features and quite […]

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Replace Styles function added to v1.86k

The ability to easily replace style x with style y has been on my To Do list (on my Trello board) since June of 2015. After some screen estate jiggery-pokery, I made some room for the function on the Styles tab within the main Toolbox. The Total label and field have been removed from Styles, […]

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Improvements to the Fix Fields function

I’ve been putting it off .. and putting it off some more, but I’ve finally made a start on the replacement for the Fix Fields routine in the Toolbox. The new function (and new icon) will be the Fields Inspector. It’s very much in the early stages but it will display all of the fields […]

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WIP changes

I’ve still not made a start on the GUI for the Fields Inspector as other stuff keeps distracting me. There are a few changes afoot, but as of yet, nothing major enough to send out a new beta version. Current ‘Protected’ status of document. Almost all of the functions would check the protection status and […]

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The VBA Editor inside Word 2016 for Macs is *useless*!

I’m trying to port my Word Toolbox across to the Mac, using Word 2016, but failing at almost every step. According to what I’ve read online, this version of the VBA Developer engine has (apparently) been gutted and re-created from scratch, but in doing so Microsoft have left out *loads* of features: The basic menus […]

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Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda! (Happy New Year)

As this is the last post on this blog for 2015, I’ll make it a short one. Although some of you around the world have already ‘seen it in’, I’ve still got 7.5 hours left before I can raise a glass and say Happy New Year! I’m taking a short break from my Word Toolbox. […]

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