My Word Toolbox has been reviewed in Micro Mart …

… unfortunately it’s the very last issue of Micro Mart that will ever be published. I’ve got fond memories (from my Atari ST days) of trawling through every issue of Micro Mart looking through the adverts. Many of my early friendships are based on those early days of disk-swapping with other people who advertised in […]

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Site updated ready for v2.0’s release!

I’ve updated most of the pages with the latest screenshots. I had to install yet another WordPress plugin as, annoyingly, if you want to replace an existing screenshot you have to upload a fresh one, delete the old one then rename the new one and then it should (!) appear on the page. Or you […]

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Oddities with DropBox link

The other day I copied over a new beta copy of the Toolbox onto my DropBox account at home. Nothing strange about that. However, several people pointed out to me that the link didn’t work. This link has pointed to my .DOTM file for some considerable time, but for some reason it’s now altered. This […]

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Better protected WP site than the old days

Years (and years) ago, I used to run a blog using an ancient copy of WordPress. There weren’t that many plugins available to help keep the spammers away, so I found myself spending a lot of time removing them. Since I created this site, I’ve made sure that I’ve switched on the various protection methods […]

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Work started on the new beta

And it’s already up to v1.90e due to the work that I’ve been doing. So what’s been added/altered recently? a) I added an Index to my manual. This was going great until I tried to use my own Field Inspector tool to list the fields and the presence of the index caused it to crash. […]

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It’s almost there .. new website ready to launch.

I’ve almost finished moving everything across from the old Weebly-powered site to this new site. I’ve learned a lot about WordPress and how to get site(s) up and running quite quickly. Sites? Well, I’ve also been busy creating my ‘dumping ground’ site ( and another site for preserving 1200+ slide scans from the late 60s/early […]

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