v1.7 Released!

I’ve finally got to a point where I need external feedback from other technical authors / Word gurus. So I’ve released v1.7 and it’s available on the Downloads page. The manual is included and has a full breakdown of all the features I’ve added since the first release (v1.65) was sent outside of where I […]

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Tweaked Custom Styles UI

Here’s the replacement UI for the old Custom Styles screen.  This is still classed as a WIP purely because I’m awaiting feedback from my colleagues as to what else they would like to be able to see appear in the list box. You can remove Custom Styles as before but the additional feature is that […]

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Removing more code

I decided to remove the Kill Old Styles function in its current form as it was a lot of hard-coded styles that would (probably) only appear in documents found within my workplace. I’ll rethink the Custom Styles screen to include a few more functions that allow more tinkering with styles in bulk. For now there’s […]

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Reworking old routines

One of the first options I put into my Document Properties Report function was to extract all the styles that we (as in our Documentation Team) were interested in looking at.  This enabled us to look at a document’s styles and work out what (if anything) we needed to fix. So I’ve spent the morning […]

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I’ll call this one a ‘lesson learned’.  Whilst moving some of the code about that was linked to the CSV file reporting, I used a lot of ‘Debug.Print’ commands so that I could see that the output file was showing up as it should. I spotted an error which would cause every CSV file to […]

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