Post-TCUK memories

After waiting three years between visits, last week’s TCUK was a well worth it. When you’re self-employed, all of these kinds of events need paying for by your company (aka ‘you’) so you have to ensure that it’s worth the outlay. And it certainly was. Almost all of the courses were still available from my […]

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Two new ISTC articles available

The current issue of the Communicator magazine has the latest in my series on VBA User Forms. This time you get to learn all about combo boxes. It’s not exactly riveting stuff but they are a necessary evil if you want to build a decent looking user form for your own Word projects. As it’s […]

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Attending TCUK 2018!

It’s been a while … I bought my ticket yesterday (Sunday) so that I can attend the TCUK (Technical Communication UK) conference in Daventry from the 25th to the 27th September. I have only been to one before and that was in the outskirts of Glasgow in 2015. I went there there armed with approx […]

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Almost 2 months into my contract – an overview

Intro: In a change from the usual stuff I broadcast on here, here’s my “mini-review” of the first 7.5 weeks of my second contract role. It’s been a steep learning curve in the current role but it’s been a good experience so far. Lots of my skills are being used on a regular basis (esp. […]

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A minor Oops!

Oops! Last month I released what I thought was v2.2 of my Toolbox on the 15th May. But it wasn’t until yesterday – whilst demoing the power of the Toolbox at my new workplace – that I realised that the download on the site contained an older version of the Toolbox! However, the manual included […]

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Waking up after a mini-sleep :)

After being told that I was being made redundant from my previous employer in May 2017, I decided that I needed a nice long break from most things. Especially when I was offered to ‘escape early’ via the gardening leave route from mid-July. Up until now, a third of the way through October, I’ve done […]

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