Carrying on at Iron Mountain

After my previous contract ended back in March of 2021, I took a few months off. Partly as a sabbatical, partly as a rest from WFH. I wanted to go out a bit more and take more photographs and/or slum it in front of my TV and watch films, or play on the Xbox.

After about 6 weeks of doing this, I was getting itchy feet. I hadn’t stopped applying for technical author contract roles, but it wasn’t a daily thing. Luckily a call came through in May about a role at Iron Mountain for a technical author on a project they were working on. The interview was held towards the end of May and I started on the first full week in June 2021.

I can’t say much about it, but it’s interesting. I had to get my background checks done to get the SC as this was required to “fully” work on the project. Until it came through, I was a bit limited on what documents I could open, review and more importantly, fix.

There have been a number of contract extensions and I’m booked in until the end of April 2022. Not bad for what was initially just a 2 month contract.

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