Hurrah! At long last the final release (v2.2) of my Word Toolbox is now available!

As previously mentioned in other blog posts, I decided to put all work-related projects on-hold whilst I enjoyed some – OK, quite a bit of time off due to my redundancy in July 2017. My other half called the first 4 months (or so) as my “mini gap year” :)

Then when a planned job fell through due to various things going on in the background (especially the extremely slow speed that things needed for me to start the new job got slower and slower to appear) I ended up having to sign on in January 2018. I stuck out like a sore thumb at Stockport job centre: almost all my own teeth, no tattoos on my knuckles and I didn’t smell like I’d spent the night cuddling high-grade skunk!

However depressing it got, I persevered. I applied for job after job. Keeping all the records so that I could prove I wasn’t a time-waster. Along the way, I discovered that some job agencies are the absolute pits when it comes to communication, but, on the other hand, there are some gems out there who will work for you and keep you in the loop. If you’re an out of work TA, I highly recommend Talent Group, Authoring House and Edissero.

Fast forwarding onto now and I found myself (last week) hurriedly setting myself up as a director of my own contracting company – Mee Docs Limited – for my current and future technical authoring contracting work.

I am currently working on a temporary contract in MediaCity (in Manchester) for a few weeks and this will then be followed up by a full time contract elsewhere in the country. I’ve got the fun task ahead of living away from home for 5 nights a week.  The hotel life beckons!

The downside to commuting back home on a Friday night is that I’ll have to empty my bags, wash and then repack my clothes and get ready to head back on the Sunday.

So, I thought I had better release my final version of my Word Toolbox (v2.2) and I’ve used my Dad’s 70th birthday, May 15th, as the launch date.

My heartfelt apologies for the countless number of previous releases in beta form. It couldn’t be helped partly – because of the annoying bugs that only showed up in Word 2010 and spending a lot of my time searching for and applying for jobs. OK, and there might have been some time spent playing the latest open-world type games on my Xbox One!

But it’s finally here! However, this release leaves me with the problem of working out what new features I should add to the next version … along with what new features will need to be included when Word 2019 is released.

Go get your copy from the Download Area page or the full source code from this page.


P.S. I now accept donations via the PayPal.Me link that’s on the Download page.