Another update on the Document Review function

It’s coming along nicely. Albeit with a lot of grey hairs being added to the head (and beard) as I split the functions apart from the listboxes into arrays.

This morning I finished moving the Fields code out of the form and into the new ‘MainLoops’ module and it, like the others before it, now uses arrays. This means the listbox can be populated as well as the report using the same data.

All that’s left to do (ha!) are: tables, images (both inline and floating) and custom styles.

What’s they’re done, then I need to investigate how to “make it look pretty” by using tables to display the data. The report does look a little bit on the ugly side when there are hundreds of fields (e.g. caused by a large Table of Contents) being dumped into the report.

When I’ve got all of the export features embedded (in their current ‘ugly’ mode) then I’ll release a beta version so that I can get some input on what other’s see when they link the report to their Normal.dotx files.

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