My Word Toolbox has been reviewed in Micro Mart …

… unfortunately it’s the very last issue of Micro Mart that will ever be published.

I’ve got fond memories (from my Atari ST days) of trawling through every issue of Micro Mart looking through the adverts. Many of my early friendships are based on those early days of disk-swapping with other people who advertised in the small ads of Micro Mart. It’s probably why I ended up with so many floppy disks of Atari ST demos and other types of public domain software. Plus it helped me to distribute the stuff that I was coding too!

Anyway, I digress. I’d like to thank David Hayward for reviewing my Toolbox for this last ever issue and I’ve uploaded a copy of the article (PDF format) on my Other Articles page.

It will be sad to go into W H Smiths tonight and pick up a copy of the last issue of Micro Mart. It’s certainly the end of an era.