All blog articles up to December 2015 have been transferred

This is slow, dull and boring work, but it must be done.

First, I have to copy each article (in batches of a month’s worth) into a separate Word document. Then reformat the text so that it won’t look odd when it’s pasted into WordPress.

For each post (i.e. there will be multiple per Word document) that’s converted into a post on here, I have to check if there are any images linked to it. If so, they must be saved off from the Word document, then uploaded as individual images before they can be attached to each post.

Each new post created has to be back-dated and the various categories ticked so that it’s easier for visitors to filter on the ones they prefer.

And all because there’s no simple way to bulk import 2+ years’ of blog posts from Weebly into WordPress.


Only the posts from the Weebly site from 2016 now remain .. zzzzzzzzzzzz

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