Work started on the new beta

And it’s already up to v1.90e due to the work that I’ve been doing. So what’s been added/altered recently?

a) I added an Index to my manual. This was going great until I tried to use my own Field Inspector tool to list the fields and the presence of the index caused it to crash. Oops! So that was a quick and necessary fix. Whilst fixing this bug, I did some GUI rearrangements and split the Delete Fields button into a separate frame and added two new features: Delete all TOCs and Delete all Indexes.

b) A request came from a colleague to add in an option to include the version number that SharePoint gives a document when it’s checked back in, instead of the version number that was previously stored in either the Subject or Comments field. The research into this code took some time as Microsoft really don’t want you know how this can be done in code. Or that’s how it seemed to me as I went from forum .. to forum .. to another forum.

In the end I found a solution using the ActiveDocument.ContentPropertyTypes function. This means that my colleagues can now insert the associated SharePoint field into the footer and it will be updated when the document is checked back in.

c) However, doing the above meant a few extra fields were included on the Footer / Information tab. Which meant that I had to include the height of the Toolbox form so that it didn’t look ‘squashed’. This was done and then I had to spread out the other fields/functions on the other four tabs. All in all, there’s more room for the list boxes on the Styles, Comments and Bookmarks options.

Currently the beta is up to v1.90e, but as I’ve not finished with the GUI redesign for the Footer / Information tab, I won’t be releasing it via the usual DropBox/Googledrive links just yet. So please bear with me.

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