Time off for new projects

New domain

I’ve bought a new domain (mikestoolbox.co.uk -i.e. the site you’re on now) so that I can move this site across to a WordPress-based one. No offence Weebly, but you’ve been great for the last 2 years (and 2 months), but now that I’ve been using WordPress more and more, it’s the way I want to go forward.

Other projects #1: Slide scans

Last year I bought a bulk load of old slide scans from a house-clearance seller at a car boot. There are approx. 1200+ slides in there from someone’s European holidays covering the late 1960s through to the early 1970s. Some of them are commercial slides, but others were taken by the original owner(s).

As they were sold at a house clearance, I have to assume that the original photographer(s) have since passed away and these slides were just included as part of the clear out.

I intend to scan in and restore these slides and put them onto a separate website. Again, the original idea was to use Weebly to host it, but the more I used WordPress, the more I realised that I would need more ‘ooomph’ in the overall website design and slideshow capabilities. Plus I have a very handy Lynda.com account to help me when I get stuck!

Other projects #2: Resurrecting my old Atari ST work

Years ago, I used to have several attempts at a website for my old Atari ST projects. Unfortunately, and on multiple occasions, my sites were hacked and defaced and, in the end, I just gave up and just kept the domain going. All I seem to receive is spam these days, but them are the breaks.

The domain space I’ve purchased (www.mug-uk.co.uk) allows me to have multiple installations of WordPress, so I’ll be resurrecting all my old work that I can find and get them uploaded.

And finally …

Now that I’ve released the final version of the Word Toolbox on this site, I’ve got some time to move the site across to the new domain (you’re reading this on the new site now). All of the content, including the blog posts (that was time consuming!) has been transferred across. The old Weebly site will stay up until the new v2.0 version of the add-in is made available. The new add-in will point to this new site and I can then zap the Weebly one.

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