New utility – RoboHelp Map ID Report to CSV add-in

I’ve released a stand-alone version of a function that was from an older version of the toolbox.

The code has been tidied up, CSV file writing added and some extra checks are now included. Load up the RoboHelp Map ID Report, click the Convert button and a .CSV file version will appear in the same folder as the source .RTF file you exported from RoboHelp.

It comes with an example RoboHelp Map IDs file so that you can try it out before using it.

I’m not sure what other options to add to this utility, or indeed if there’s anyone else out there in the world who would be able to use it! So get in touch via LinkedIn or email and let me know if you do use it and any improvements you think I can add to it.

As with all my code, it’s not protected and you can just right-click and open it in Word, then press ALT & F11 to view the full source code.

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